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Méduses sandals: 70 years old, soft and kicking!

Méduses sandals: 70 years old, soft and kicking!
Méduses sandals: 70 years old, soft and kicking!

Méduse®, the famous, soft plastic beach sandal, was born in 1946. It is easily recognised thanks to its studded sole, rounded tips and braided straps. 
Leather had become a rare commodity after the Second World War, and the innovative nature of the material led to the idea of creating a shoe made entirely from plastics. This innovative footwear combined a new material with a new technique: injection moulding.
Nowadays, 70 years after its birth, the Sun, the Méduse® brand's flagship sandal, forever associated with our holiday memories, has not changed much: same process, same recognisable studs under the sole. 

"The basic building blocks of the Méduse are PVC granules", said Anne-Céline Humeau, CEO of Humeau Breaupréau, the family SME that owns the brand, the last French shoemaker to make plastic injection-moulded footwear. The PVC balls are injected into moulds at 200°C and thus is created the "Sun", Méduse's flagship model which has been able to evolve over the past 70 years. "It is the same model sold since 1946, although it is much more flexible", said Anne-Céline. Although the base has remained the same, new colours have been added to the collection in order to keep up with the trends. Transparent, silver, or brightly-coloured, the Méduse of 2016 is available in around thirty different colours. 

And, in order to conquer new markets, and to sell footwear outside of the summer months, the brand has expanded its offer by also manufacturing boots and ballerinas. Far from being shelved, plastic shoes are no longer the sole preserve of children playing on the beach! In addition to being associated with the beach, the sun and the holidays, they can now stay with us throughout the year!

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