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Pappelina, ever more circular rugs

Twenty-five years ago, Lina Rickardsson began weaving rugs in her cellar in Falun, a small town in the north of Sweden.
Pappelina, ever more circular rugs
Pappelina, ever more circular rugs

A very Swedish tradition, rugs are woven on old looms, and that is what Lina did, but instead of wool, she chose to weave ribbons of plastic, or more precisely, PVC! She then created her brand, calling it Pappelina.

At the forefront of sustainable development and originality

Lina’s colourful, ultra-resistant, easy-to-clean plastic rugs, which do not fade when exposed to light or detergents, were a real hit. Some models, such as Bob and Vera, even became classics of Swedish design. Nowadays, the company manufactures 100,000 rugs every day using the same traditional weaving technique. They are sold in 26 countries around the world.

But she has no intention of stopping there. Always eager to explore new avenues for more conscious design and experiment with more sustainable manufacturing solutions, she is once again leading the way with the launch of a new BIOVYN™ edition of Vera, her iconic rug design. VERA 2.0 Bio Edition is the world’s first rug made from carbon-neutral, bio-attributed PVC.

A new generation of PVC

Developed by Inovyn, BIOVYN™ is a next-generation PVC made from 100% renewable raw materials, in this case, crude tall oil, a waste product from paper pulp production that is part of the responsible wood supply and does not compete with the food chain. The use of this bio-attributed PVC will reduce CO2 emissions by 90% compared with traditional PVC, i.e., a saving of 1.8 kg of CO2 for each kilogram of PVC.

With its new VERA 2.0 Bio Edition, Pappelina has taken another step towards its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and quality.

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