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Recycled plastic tiles

Recycled plastic tiles
Recycled plastic tiles

Lightweight, easy to assemble, and affordable. All of these are the main advantages of the recycled plastic tiles from Spanish company Roofeco systems.
Made from PET bottles recovered from neighbouring collection centres and mineral mono-particles, the Roofeco tiles are seven times lighter than conventional tiles, providing considerable energy savings, particularly with regard to transport. Mortar, screws and all the rest can be done without, as assembling a roof with this type of tile can be done 70% faster than a conventional tiled roof. 

Another advantage: recycled plastic tiles are very resistant to bad weather and climatic variations. As they are not porous and are 100% watertight, the risk of cracks due to severe changes in temperature is minimised, and the tiles' lifetime is extended! In addition, their colour and appearance remain unchanged for many years. 
The Roofeco tiles, which are also available in a transparent version, are 100% recyclable and were the centre of attention at the EPRO 2017 awards, where they took first place for the best product made from recycled plastic.

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