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Shake up breakfast with Philips Eco Conscious !

Philips is going green with the launch of Eco Conscious, a collection of breakfast appliances made entirely from bio-based plastics.
Shake up breakfast with Philips Eco Conscious !
Shake up breakfast with Philips Eco Conscious !

The world's first breakfast set made from 100% bio-based plastics

Comprising a coffee maker, a kettle and a toaster, the set is rather basic. The main innovation lies in the materials used to make it.

All the appliances in the collection are made from a plastic that Philips promises to be 100% bio-based, with a CO2 footprint that is 21% smaller than an equivalent set made from 'conventional' plastic. A better planet starts with a better breakfast!

There is still a lot of room for improvement, but the manufacturer is continuing its efforts. It should be recalled that the company’s catalogue already contains appliances made from partially recycled plastic, such as the Senseo Viva Café Eco coffee maker.

Plastic made from recycled cooking oil

Unlike conventional, petrochemical-based plastics, bio-based plastics are materials made from biological products or renewable domestic agricultural materials (including plant, animal and marine materials). They can also be made from materials from the forestry industry or intermediate raw materials. They only take a few years to produce and usually require CO2 for the production process, which is removed from the air and therefore reduces global warming. Philips says that in this case it is "used cooking oil such as sunflower oil" which has been recycled in an "environmentally-friendly" way. Small stains and imperfections are a reminder of the origin of the plastic used in the Eco Conscious collection. Although the appliances in the collection are presented as white, they are not quite white in reality.

A small step towards a greener future

Materials aside, Philips' new breakfast set is still a classic. Thanks to the collection’s modern, minimalist design, sustainability has never been so elegant and inspired by nature, using relaxing colours and natural materials and finishes that fit in perfectly with any kitchen.

The coffee maker is a filter model with a capacity of 1.2 litres, the kettle has a capacity of 1.7 litres and the toaster is a double-slit model with eight toasting settings and an integrated stand for warming up pastries. The set is already available to buy.

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