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The Dot-Drops suitcase: repairable and durable

With an average lifespan of five years, the bin is the final destination for most suitcases. However, Dot-Drops — a leather goods brand from Alsace — seeks to change this by creating the first eco-suitcase.
The Dot-Drops suitcase: repairable and durable
The Dot-Drops suitcase: repairable and durable

Recyclable, repairable and certified Longtime® (the European label for products designed to last), it even has a twenty-year lifespan!

An eco-suitcase that’s easy to recycle…

To enhance the recyclability of these suitcases, the materials are limited and chosen because they’re easy to separate at the end of life. The suitcase shell is made entirely from polypropylene, an imperishable, lightweight and easily recyclable material. The wheels and other supporting parts are made of ABS; the strong, lightweight telescopic handle is made of aluminium, and the handles are made of polyurethane.
There’s no lining inside the case; instead, there’s a storage system consisting of recycled polyamide pockets that match the suitcase’s colour. This saves space by reducing the volume of your belongings.

… and infinitely repairable

Dot-Drops suitcases are available in 4 different sizes, and each model is sold with a small, ultra-simple tool that can be used to repair the parts that break most frequently (such as the wheels, handles and telescopic handle). In the event of a significant problem, spare parts are available upon request. The best bit? They’re free of charge… for life!
Ultralight, flexible and sturdy, these suitcases have a timeless design featuring their trademark dots and are available in six colours.
Currently, only 16% of the 400 million suitcases sold worldwide each year are repaired, and very few are recycled.

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