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WindTree, the tree that turns wind into electricity

Supplying urban areas with electricity in a way that takes its inspiration from nature: that is the stylish and sustainable solution proposed by New World Wind.
WindTree, the tree that turns wind into electricity
WindTree, the tree that turns wind into electricity

Renewable energy production solutions abound, but their massive structures generally mean that they cannot be integrated into urban settings.

Designed to blend into the fabric of cities, New World Wind’s electricity generation system is shaped like a tree with one or more steel trunks and branches onto which a number of leaf-shaped micro-turbines called Aeroleaf® are attached.

Aeroleaf®: stylish micro-wind turbines to meet the challenges of green energy

This technology’s true innovation is the Aeroleaf®, made of new or recycled ABS with an anti-UV treatment. It can also be customised to meet customers’ specific requirements. Its conical shape means it can capture wind energy from 360°, and all it needs is a wind speed of 2,5 m/s to start producing energy. The spinning leaves have no belts or gears, and generate no noise: a local solution that is both silent and environmentally friendly.

Designed to operate locally 24 hours a day, these micro-turbines supply electricity directly to the existing electrical system of a building, business or home, but are not designed to be connected to the national grid. Nevertheless, each tree is equipped with four batteries that can store any surplus electricity.

A local, tailor-made power generation solution

New World Wind offers its “wind energy collectors” in 3 models of different sizes, with installed capacities ranging from 4.200 W to 10.800 W.

Ideal for local authorities or businesses, WindTree is the largest and stands almost 10 metres high, with 36 Aeroleaf®. WindBush is the smallest and can easily be installed in public gardens or parks. WindPalm is an intermediate, modular model that can be combined with 18, 24 or 30 Aeroleaf®. It is also available in a hybrid version equipped with photovoltaic petals that will double its energy production capacity.  Stylishly compact, these trees are easy to install, with no major engineering work required.
Last but not least, the leaves (Aeroleaf®) are self-contained and can be installed on plant, warehouse or building roofs using a rail system, for example.

This enables us to meet the needs of each customer, by offering tailor-made solutions: “Whether a customer is aiming to cover 10 or 80% of its energy needs, we can adapt our solution accordingly by adjusting the number of Aeroleaf®,” explains Luc Eric Krief, owner and CEO of New World Wind.

So far, New World Wind has installed 130 “trees” around the world, ranging from Europe and the United States to South Korea, Malaysia and South Africa. Most of the company’s customers are business customers, including British American Tobacco in Italy, Phoenix Contact in Germany, Deloitte in the United States and L’Oréal in France.

New World Wind has just been named one of Europe’s top 10 renewable energy suppliers by specialist magazine Energy Business Review.

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