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The PP pot versus the tin can!

Brazilian brand Cargill Brazil, which produces Elefante tomato paste, has switched from the traditional tin can to a polypropylene pot.
The PP pot versus the tin can!
© Cargill Brazil
The PP pot versus the tin can!

A successful conversion from metal to plastic

Manufactured by Berry Superfos in France, the new packaging consists of a thermoformed polypropylene pot with a seal and a lid. Slightly oval in shape, the container can be emptied easily with a spoon and can also be re-used at home as a container for other foods.

“The Elefante brand of tomato paste is over 75 years old; everyone in Brazil knows it,” says Brayan Luque, Product Manager. “However, we wanted to create something completely new. It was a bold choice to replace the traditional tin can with a plastic pot. Fortunately, it turned out to be a wise and successful choice.”

This new plastic packaging solution reduces the packaging’s weight and provides effective protection for the product while improving its colour, flavour and aroma. It also allows the tomato paste to remain fresh for a longer time once opened.

Two awards

Both the creation of a new image and the development of the packaging’s design have garnered the company official awards. Recently, the pot received an award from a packaging magazine, EmbalagemMarca. In addition, it received an award based on the votes of Brazilian consumers.

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