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The bendy tablet is coming

The bendy tablet is coming
The bendy tablet is coming

A paper-thin tablet that will bend without breaking has been developed by researchers at Canada’s Queen's University in collaboration with Plastic Logic and Intel Labs.

The "PaperTab" - a new spin on heavier glass screen tablets - features a 10.7 inch e-ink flexible plastic screen powered by an Intel Core i5 processor.

The tablet works differently from the typical display technology found on the market today: users would have 10 or more interactive screens or "paper tabs" on the go at once, one for each app running, rather than multiple apps or open windows cluttering a single screen.
This new brainchild is still at the prototype stage as yet, but has already shown its paces in a video. PaperTab could be market-ready within three to five years, but no final release date can be given as yet.

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