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Auto-locking laces for running shoes!

Auto-locking laces for running shoes!
Auto-locking laces for running shoes!

Invented and patented by a Colorado-based triathlete, the XTENEX® auto-locking laces can be laced into any sports shoe. How to transform a shoe into a comfortable slipper that stays put?

Made of a rubber core comprising three to six strands of latex, with a synthetic outer layer and an elastomer lining, this new lace has auto-locking knots that ensures the shoes fit the feet as closely as possible, without requiring any knots to be tied. The knots on the lace offer adjustable tension in between each pair of eyelets!

Once in place, the elastic auto-locking lace does not come undone, does not slip, does not compress the foot and maintains it in position, ensuring a precise fit to the foot’s morphology while avoiding poor blood circulation that can lead to tiredness and heavy legs. They offer a feeling of well-being and lightness!

A fast-lacing lace ideal for triathlons

You can put on your shoes safe in the knowledge that they will always fit the same! Seconds are gained each time you put them on, and they can be matched to the shoes as they are available in a wide range of colours.

The XTENEX® laces already have over a million fans around the world, including Frederik VAN LIERDE: World Ironman Champion (the longer and more physical version of the triathlon) in Hawaii in 2013.

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