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Eco-designed trainers

Eco-designed trainers
Eco-designed trainers

Thanks to a partnership with the Parley for the Oceans NGO, the German Adidas company has just launched a new pair of sneakers made from plastic waste recovered in the oceans.

Launched one year earlier on the occasion of the COP21, Adidas' eco-friendly project was released last November.
The Ultra Boost Uncaged Parley, or rather the German company's first pair of sneakers made from recycled plastic is the fruit of a collaboration with the Parley for the Oceans NGO. The organisation provided it with the main component of its new sneakers: plastic waste recovered from the bottom of the oceans. The upper part of the "green" sneaker is made from fishing nets. The rest of the sneaker is made from bottles and other plastics collected in the Maldives. A single pair of sneakers is manufactured using the equivalent of 11 plastic bottles. 

An initial limited run of 7,000 pairs of sneakers quickly sold out and the sneakers have already sold out on the company's website. 
Adidas announced that a million pairs would be manufactured by 2017. "Our ambition, in the long term, is to eliminate "virgin" plastic from our production chain". A remarkable and notable development, particularly because the company also provided the players of Bayern and Real Madrid with kits made from plastic recycled by Parley. Style and eco-friendliness are not mutually exclusive.

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