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Wingjump : skiing and flying

Wingjump : skiing and flying
Wingjump : skiing and flying

Four years of development for a unique feeling: It was worth the wait!
It all started with a random discussion, by the fireside, among four friends who enjoyed extreme sports. The topic? Which sport could safely combine the pleasure of skiing and free flight, and still be accessible to all?
The friends set to work, and the Wingjump came to life a few years later. 
Wingjump is the name given to a new concept of fun skiing, and the name of a sail that can be worn like a jacket and can be attached to the usual skiing equipment in just a few seconds.

No prior lessons are needed. Just put on your skis and slide down the slope. As you gain speed, the sail catches the wind, increasing the skier's lift, enabling them to glide lightly, and to extend jumps while ensuring a smooth landing. A unique feeling of taking-off from the slopes, safely. 
And for the upcoming ski season, everyone can try out this new magic wing: adults and children, experienced and novice skiers, everyone can try their own Wingjump! There are currently three different sails, manufactured by Rip’Air, available in several sizes and enabling all comers to try out the discipline, according to their initial level of skiing: Activ’ for beginners, Activ’air for extreme sensations, in safety, and Activ’carve for the more experienced skiers.

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