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The Playmobil bike helmet

The Playmobil bike helmet
The Playmobil bike helmet

Danish designers Simon Higby and Clara had the bright idea of making a bicycle helmet inspired by the hairstyle of the characters of the famous brand of German toys created in 1974.

If you're going to wear a helmet to go for a bike ride, it might as well be fun and quirky! This was certainly what the creative Swedish, Simon Higby and Clara Prior Knock, had in mind when they designed this helmet inspired by the recognisable hairstyle of the famous Playmobil figurines. 
After learning that 44% of Danish children do not wear a helmet when cycling, the team struck up a partnership with the Danish MOEF company to design an object that would make the children want to protect their heads in the event of a fall. A simple solution occurred to them: improving the shape and design of the helmets.
They achieved their goal with this unusual protective helmet, although it remains a prototype for the time being.

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