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Surf Air, the inflatable surfboard

Surf Air, the inflatable surfboard
Surf Air, the inflatable surfboard

Designer Thomas de Lussac has introduced a new concept: the "Surf Air," an inflatable surfboard developed using an innovative technique - "three-dimensional fabric."
The Surf Air comprises two parallel frames connected by a bracing of polyester threads (at seven mm intervals) and double coated with PVC, providing remarkable rigidity and water tightness.

The board inflates in under two minutes and becomes as solid and stable as a conventional surfboard. Once deflated, and rolled up with its removable fin unclipped, the Surf Air fits into a small gym bag. Gone is the old unwieldy surfboard. The lightweight and convenient Surf Air goes anywhere.

Mathieu Vayron, coach at the Hossegor Surf Club, reports: "I tried countless surfboards and this one is amazing. It’s surprisingly rigid for an inflatable. It’s the perfect board for surf schools and beginners. It paddles well and has a good grip for take-off. Beginners will like its fun, lightweight side. And of course being inflatable lets us take pupils to the best spots without having to use big off-roaders. It’s more limited than a traditional board for figures, though, because of being considerably less rigid. The Surf Air gives experienced surfers a handy second surfboard they can take anywhere."

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