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Faster, farther, stronger: Sporting comfort...
Of course, taking part is important, but the aim is to win! Even if not all the competitors have the same chance of winning, they can at least leave the start-line together: having ultra-light and super-comfortable equipment is a good start...
Faster, farther, stronger: Sporting comfort...
Faster, farther, stronger: Sporting comfort...

Gliding in wonderland

We thought we knew all there was to know about different ways of gliding – so beloved of those who ride the waves as well as the snowy slopes. We thought progress was limited to minor advances towards lighter equipment, giving a little more speed, safety and even comfort... Well, we were wrong. There is apparently still room for one or more revolutions.

SnowScream – a scream of glee

You won't hear it in the dead of night in the depths of the forest; no, you'll hear it in broad daylight, right there on the slopes, and you'll see maniacs flying past on an amazing machine, a cross between a sledge and a pedalo. 

SnowScream – is a form of sledge that was created to enable the disabled to take an active part in their passion for snow sports, despite their disabilities.

Let's be clear about it, this device represents a giant leap in sledge design. It's equally happy on all types of snow ... and even when there isn't any.

Yes, by attaching wheels to the runners you transform it into a fast street machine that handles really well due to its extremely tight turning radius.

The special thing about the SnowScream, apart from its designer's imagination, is its distinctive blend of plastics and other materials: aluminium frame, plywood base, ultra-high density polyethylene runners, PVC seat.

Not everyone has the strength and stamina needed for intensive skiing and snowboarding. The SnowScream enables everyone to take to the slopes without suffering aches and pains: SnowScream takes the knocks while the skier enjoys the ride.

Its crowning glory is that it's compatible with all models of chairlifts and has an emergency brake that operates automatically in a fall, including one from the chairlift. 

So, happy or what?

Intelligent Flex: Imagination in tackling the waves

It's a really small Canadian company: 2Imagine. They build surfboards and they won a prestigious German prize, the Ispo Brand New Award 2009, for combining technical performance with ecological awareness.

From used polystyrene cups and packaging, they fashioned a completely new surfboard core which is both recycled and fully recyclable – a real innovation in the sports market.

This meritorious decision also improved the performance of the surfboard: being both fully waterproof and noticeably less vulnerable to bumps and scrapes, it's proving to be more resistant than traditional cores.

Rather than having a plastic matrix reinforced with fibreglass, this eco-board is laminated using bamboo fibre, which is significantly springier and makes the surfboard more resistant to snapping.  2Imagine guarantee markedly higher performance surfing, increased board life and an absolutely top-class finish.

An intelligent product, gentle on the environment, thanks to plastic, no less! 

The other strong point of the 2Imagine surfboard is that it's jointed, allowing the distance between front and rear fins to be set depending on surfing conditions ... and on the rider's ability.

Downhill skiing: Farewell to fashion items !

More and more manufacturers nowadays are concentrating on timeless designs to last year on year.

Resort boutiques, which don't necessarily have the means (or the space) to offer an enormous range of brands and designs, can't help but appreciate this trend towards quality over quantity.

A trend that relies on the qualities of plastics for strength, lightness, rot resistance...


Dynafit, footwear specialist, knows how to outfit skiers

So, at ski resorts we have longer-lasting skis, more versatile equipment and, also, better protected sportsmen and women: The Dy.N.A. is a boot that is as light as it is practical.

Its Ultra-Lock system features a single cuff buckle for both opening/closing and for switching between walk and ski modes. Its short, a flexible sole gives it greater comfort in the toe area.

In a word, "it’s a cakewalk!"

Back trouble ?

A newcomer is revolutionising the world of safety accessories for skiers and snowboarders. It's the Compression Regulator-X back protector from Scott.

Thanks to its flexible rib-plates, this efficient back protector offers maximum comfort on the slopes, in the park and 

This protector stands out for its great freedom of movement, robustness, lightness and its system of air circulation,
all of which are only made possible due to the choice of materials used.

For added security, the NavJacket with integrated GPS

A high-altitude anorak will obviously keep you warm.

But this one also guides you, shows you the way to the nearest eating place, gives you the ski trails map and a facility for sending it to your friends.




SnowScream :

2Imagine :

Dynafit: www.dynafit.at 
Scott: http://scottusa.com 
O'Neill (Navjacket): www.oneill.com/navjacket 


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