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Faster, farther, stronger: Sporting comfort...
Of course, taking part is important, but the aim is to win! Even if not all the competitors have the same chance of winning, they can at least leave the start-line together: having ultra-light and super-comfortable equipment is a good start...
Faster, farther, stronger: Sporting comfort...
Faster, farther, stronger: Sporting comfort...

Aiming for the top ... or the descent

Mountains aren't only for sliding down – on the contrary; for mountaineering enthusiasts, sliding is a worry, a danger. For mountaineering, you want non-slip!

Skyfit, Skylotec's harness

In the sport climbing arena, security has become a simple routine gesture with Skylotec's harness, which fits with a simple pull on the buckle.

Addicts of this sport will appreciate the multitude of intelligent details, such as the automatically adjustable elastic hip loops and the easily-threaded leg buckles designed for instant use.

The harnesses adapt automatically for length and offer a greater freedom of movement in all situations than traditional systems.

In addition, the special ventilated plastic fabric breathes free and is easy to wear.

Mammut have the mountains at their feet

Mammut, the mountain sports specialists, are demonstrating that comfort doesn't override safety, with their numerous items of climbing equipment.   

Magini, an asymmetric training shoe with a slightly down-turned sole, allows for a precise grip whilst being very comfortable to wear.

The Lobuche jacket uses a new plastic fabric, specially developed for sportswear.

Electro-spinning – the technology of spinning by electrostatic charge – promises quality results in terms of breathability and the fabric's capacity to wick away moisture.

This consists of producing a film of nanowires in an electrostatic field, then applying them to an outer material. A function lining, similar to that used in a 3-layer laminate, is then affixed to the inner surface.

The Gym System plays in a different league: It's a range for indoor climbing with emphasis on ease of use, lifespan and the integration of additional security measures.

Ropes, carabiners and belays used in indoor climbing must be able to cope with high usage levels and withstand both the abrasive walls and the rigours of top-rope climbing.

A wealth of plastics marrying technical specifications with intuitive operations.

The deal is in the bag

The good deal in question is a downhill mountain bike.

With its innovative mechanism, it folds in an instant to become a handy little package that's easy to carry in a rucksack (9.5kg) along with your sandwiches and paraphernalia.

Then it only takes 2 minutes to transform it into a downhill mountain bike with suspension, ready to take on steep and stony paths on the way down.






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