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Plastic - a hundred years young
It is found in every area of our daily lives. From roller skates through credit cards and the Iphone to artificial hearts. Plastic can claim to be the only material used in every area of application that makes our daily life that much easier. A hundred years of fantastic plastics ...
Plastic - a hundred years young
Plastic - a hundred years young

Rilsan®: born in 1947 and still green

Found in all industries and all climates (from the hottest to the coldest), Rilsan® has been around for over 70 years. It takes its name from the ricinus (castor) oil from which it is derived and the river Risle that flows near the Serquigny site where it has been produced by Arkema since 1947.

It has a wide range of applications: electricity (electronics, radio, TV, telephone, household electrical appliances, etc.), vehicle manufacture (fuel lines, etc.), mechanical engineering (parts for photocopiers, aviation, etc.), oil extraction (high-strength flexible tubes for off-shore rigs), sports (shoe soles, bicycle saddles, etc.), transport (80% of heavy goods vehicles worldwide use Rilsan® braking circuit hoses).

As a powder, Rilsan® is used in coatings for pipes, dishwasher baskets, torsion bars for motor cars and a wide range of parts for industry and equipment makers.



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