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Extreme plastics
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Extreme plastics

Admission to the elite group of high performance polymers...and to win over high-tech sectors like aerospace, transportation and fiercely competitive but conventional plastics have not ha...
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  • Intelligent textiles
    Cutting Edge 4 min

    Intelligent textiles

    As an old industry gets a new lease on life, flirting with nanotechnology, biochemistry and state-of-the-art electronics, it gains new power to transform the way we work, live, travel and care for our...

  • Solar impulse : Flying to the future
    Cutting Edge 5 min

    Solar impulse : Flying to the future

    Since the first oil shock of 1973, inhabitants of the blue planet have become aware of their addiction to fossil fuels and they have been consistently seeking the means to kick the habit. To date, the...

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