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Halfway between rollerblading and skiing: the snowfeet offer a new way to ski!

Halfway between rollerblading and skiing: the snowfeet offer a new way to ski!
Halfway between rollerblading and skiing: the snowfeet offer a new way to ski!

A combination of rollerblading and skiing, this new piece of equipment is sure to be popular on the snowy slopes this winter! After skiing, sledding, and surfing, here come the snowfeet, the accessory that came in from the cold.

A wildly popular new winter sport

Small, lightweight and compact, the Snowfeet reinvent traversal in snowy conditions and sliding down ski slopes. They simply comprise a flat sole the size of a shoe fitted with a binding mechanism: it only takes 10 seconds to attach them to the sole of a shoe, much like snowshoes, and off you go! They are easy to put on – the one-size-fits-all soles can be attached to any winter or snowboarding boot – they are also easily carried around in a small backpack or by hand. Gone are the days of struggling to reach special and sometimes inaccessible places slowed down by heavy boots and cumbersome, skis, sticks or boards! Halfway between skiing and skating, the Snowfeet can be used on slopes and in snowparks or even on forest trails. Anything that can be done in alpine skiing, such as twists, jumps, speed, and more, can also be done using the Snowfeet.  However, the lucky few who have had the opportunity to test them have said that users need to be prudent and accomplished skiers, as the Snowfeet allow users to go very, very fast.

A future Olympic sport?

Made from extremely resistant fibreglass-reinforced plastic, the Snowfeet already have thousands of fans around the world: a very successful crowdfunding campaign that ended in November will deliver thousands of pairs of Snowfeet to the lucky donors starting in February 2019. They may launch a new sport which their creators, two Czech friends, imagine may feature in the Olympics in a couple of years!

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