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Save oil with shafts

Save oil with shafts
Save oil with shafts

Metaldyne, an industry leader in balance shafts and balance shaft modules, has enhanced performance of its balance shaft module gears and improved fuel economy in vehicles. How? By replacing metal with Victrex’s PEEK™ polymer in an innovative gear design that delivers durability, reliability and improved efficiency. 

The PEEK polymer gear means about 70% less inertia and weight than metal ones. Lower weight and inertia gives about a 3-9% reduction in power consumption which results in improved fuel economy in the vehicle. Using PEEK polymer for the gears also contributes to reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance.

When compared to metal gear production, gears made with PEEK polymer require a substantially lower capital investment and have a shorter lead time because they are injection moulded, and require no post machining: they can be immediately assembled into the balance shaft modules and be used. This results in significant cost savings.

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