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Plastics in the garden
Daily life 6 min

Plastics in the garden

Long gone are the days when the plastics in our gardens were to be found only in cheap furniture. Now, lovers of green spaces are finding that these materials are often highly technological and have a...
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  • Construction plastics, Low-profile, High-performance
    Daily life 3 min

    Construction plastics, Low-profile, High-performance

    Plastics make up a bare one percent of the volume of construction materials. Yet this little touch of polymers in a mineral, steel and glass world can have an unexpected impact on the overall performa...

  • Plastics burst onto the screen!
    Daily life 3 min

    Plastics burst onto the screen!

    Thanks to their versatile talent, plastics reign supreme on the sets and behind the scenes of the studios. Make-up, costumes, sets, props…Wherever the art of illusion is being practiced, they make a p...

  • Splice the mainbrace for plastics!
    Daily life 2 min

    Splice the mainbrace for plastics!

    Long the preserve of a privileged few, pleasure boating has now been within the ordinary man’s reach for a good half-century. Rising standards of living, the call of the sea and the thirst for adventu...

  • Plastics on the road again
    Daily life 4 min

    Plastics on the road again

    There can be no doubt that the future of the European automobile industry is dependent on innovation. The goal: to make vehicles that are more reliable, lighter, better for the environment, more intel...

  • Plastic – repelling wind and water
    Daily life 4 min

    Plastic – repelling wind and water

    As a supremely impervious material, plastic is widely used for containing all kinds of liquids. Bottles, flasks and jugs first spring to mind, but plastics are also used to help protect people and the...

  • Plastics in Olympic form
    Daily life 3 min

    Plastics in Olympic form

    Increasingly prevalent, plastics not only address the basic requirements of sports facilities like athlete- and spectator- safety, meeting sporting standards and letting athletes up their game... they...

  • Plastics on the starting blocks
    Daily life 5 min

    Plastics on the starting blocks

    Athletes, gymnasts, elitesports players...are already geared-up for the four-yearly event that showcases their prowess: the Olympics! This coming August in London will see them having to excel. And th...

  • Life-saving plastics
    Daily life 3 min

    Life-saving plastics

    Plastics have given rise to countless medical innovations. Recent technological advances have offered hopeful prospects to patients and professionals on many fronts - surgery, health care, infection c...

  • Christmas: plastic toys in vogue
    Daily life 4 min

    Christmas: plastic toys in vogue

    In the run-up to Christmas, children have to write their lists for Santa. And there’s a good chance that plastic toys will feature prominently. Is that a good or bad thing? This special report should ...

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